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Njord inherits a lot from the predecessor Wodan but the entire light source and part of the optical engine is completely redesigned and made smaller, more efficient and, most importantly, optimized for perfect cinematic colours.
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Njord has a pleasing calm uniform image, but it also has the power to overcome most ambient lit rooms. It is designed for large screens or high ambient light environments, such as outdoor entertainment spaces and contemporary glass home designs. These all benefit from an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular colour fidelity for the most demanding clients. 

Njord is currently one of few projectors that offers HDR support without adding latency (input lag). The combination of supporting HDR and not adding latency is crucial for gaming. Combine that with support for 4K UHD@120hz and P3/DCI colour support and you have a perfect gaming projector.

Njord Colours

Njord supports DCI/P3 with a perfect D65 white point at an industry best in class 12000 RGB lumens Barco’s expertise in the cinema and post production markets makes it easy for Barco Residential to inherit key features and further optimize them for our Residential products. Every projector is tuned and perfectly calibrated to DCI/P3 with a D65 white point at our factory, making sure the product is perfectly ready for all kinds of content.

Njord Contrast

Contrast has been misunderstood for many years. Made out to be all about black level contrast is actually about the difference between how deep a black the projector can show and how bright a white it can show. This is often communicated as 50.000:1 or infinity:1. (As they are measured separately). Is this important if you can’t show them at the same time?


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