Delivering Ultra High-Performance Loudspeakers for Outdoor Spaces

DbM and Ambisonic Systems, an Origin Acoustics Brand, developed a partnership a year ago to allow the industry-leading distributor to supply a range of audiophile-quality outdoor loudspeakers to its professional integrator network.


Ambisonics’ exceptional outdoor audio range is renowned for high-quality speaker engineering, thoughtful design and superior audio performance. Its fully scalable, weatherproof audio solutions for outdoor spaces are discreet but capable of delivering serious SPLs. DbM offers these outdoor loudspeakers with Origin Acoustics’ range of powerful amplifiers preloaded with the Ambisonic DSPs to ensure peak performance.

Whether dealers are working on a new project that includes outdoor audio in the brief, or an opportunity to return to previous projects with a new proposition, there is an Ambisonic product for every install.

Let’s take a look at the range.

The Landscape Ribbon (LSR)

Ambisonics’ Landscape Ribbon LSR40, LSR60 and LSR80 loudspeakers pack a big audio punch from a compact size. Available either as an 8-Ohm solution or with a high-quality transparent 70v transformer on board, the LSR range can be free-standing or buried into the ground and partnered with either a 10” or 12” subwoofer for outstanding performance. 

6.5HD Compact Loudspeakers

For larger entertaining spaces, outdoor cinemas or party zones, DbM provides the super versatile Ambisonic 6.5HD loudspeaker. Featuring larger planar magnetic ribbons and woofers than the LSR series, the 6.5HD can be used individually or as a part of a line array solution that can deliver over 130dB continuous output at 1m.

Bollard Series

All Ambisonic Bollard speakers feature the companies high-performance round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter technology, and combines it with a burial, integrated subwoofer to ensure superior high-frequency reproduction and clarity with lower distortion at higher power levels. The targeted directivity and low drop off of volume over distance give Ambisonic a serious advantage over rival speakers in the outdoor space.

The ability to effectively zone areas in the garden and reduce unwanted transmission of sound into the neighbouring spaces is a real game-changer in this space and, combined with exceptional fidelity, Ambisonic are really turning integrators’ heads.

The new Ambisonic Bollards are available as 6”, 8” and 10” versions, featuring an easy-to-bury 6” 8” or 10” integrated subwoofer, and a 4”, 5 ¼” and 6” down-firing driver and the respectively, coupled with the Ambisonic ribbon tweeter that disperses 360° sound patterns. The sub is ported from the same opening as the mid/tweeter for cohesive sound.

Additionally, a modern new hexagonal aluminium speaker sleeve will eventually replace the existing round and square options in the series. These have been incredibly well received, combining simple integration with a modern, classy look. Bollard speaker sleeves are designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements, including moisture, heat, and the sun while maintaining the aluminium’s natural beauty. The sleeve styles are available in three colours to complement any outdoor environment—Midnight Black, Stargazing Silver, and Champaign—which are backed by a five-year warranty.

For more information about Ambisonic and its exquisite range of powerful outdoor speakers, please contact us.

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