When Bespoke Home Cinemas was contracted to transform an unusually shaped living space into a dedicated cinema room, with particular emphasis on high-quality audio, the integrator partnered with DbM to supply an immersive cinematic audio experience that exceeded the clients’ expectations.

The clients had been avidly following Bespoke Home Cinemas on social media for several years and were keen to find out how the integrator could create a room that would cater to the entertainment needs of the entire family.

After a thorough demonstration at the integrator’s North Leeds showroom and extensive design consultations, the clients chose Bespoke Home Cinemas to manage the entire project, from design and construction to installation. Through detailed plans, CAD drawings and 3D renders, the team provided detailed visualisations and configurations, ensuring clarity for the family to envisage the final result.

The project presented two main challenges. The first revolved around a comprehensive redesign of the room, coupled with the creation of a room within a room to meet the client’s specific request for extensive soundproofing from the rest of the house. The second challenge was the time-frame that this project had to be completed in. The clients were abroad for a period of time and wanted the project completed by the time they returned from their holiday.

Based on a comprehensive proposal, and having experienced a Meridian system during the showroom visit, the clients selected a 7.2.4 Meridian performance-grade audio set up.

Three Meridian DSP640.2 architectural In-wall loudspeakers were installed for the front left, centre and front right channels, along with eight Meridian DSP320.2 In-ceiling loudspeakers for the four surround channels and two Meridian DSW600 In-wall subwoofer.

Providing high SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels) and strong bass performance capabilities, the DSP640.2 loudspeakers are powered by a Meridian Audio ‘CLASS-M’ DSP engine. A double-precision Aux filter improves resolution on low frequencies, and the built-in Dynamic bass protection technology maximises bass extension helping to achieve exceptional audio performance.

The DSP320.2 In-ceiling loudspeaker produces at least four times the bass performance of a passive In-ceiling speaker with similar cabinet volume (100mm / 4” mounting depth). The loudspeaker integrates audio enhancing technologies from Meridian, including Full Frequency Alignment (FFA), Q-Sync, True Time and True Link.

The DSW600 In-wall subwoofer delivers fast, powerful, dynamic, and accurate bass, offering high accuracy and low distortion for the ultimate surround sound experience. It provides deep, impactful bass with perfect timing down to 24Hz, thanks to Meridian’s DSP technologies.

The loudspeakers are seamlessly connected to Meridian’s compact 271 Digital Theatre Controllers, creating lifelike, authentic audio with flexible control. The 271 is essential for allowing the integration of any analogue and digital AV processor to the DSP loudspeakers within the home cinema. The project had multiple 4K video sources, including Kaleidescape, Apple TV, PlayStation, Satellite Boxes, and a Reference 4K Blu-Ray player.

The Meridian system was installed alongside a Sony laser 4k projector, custom cinema seating in luxurious alcantara fabric, acoustic fabric walls, a star ceiling, plush carpet, and LED lighting features, all seamlessly automated by Control4 automation. The project was finalised with illuminated cinema lightboxes showcasing iconic film images, adding the perfect finishing touch to the cinematic theme.

The combination of thoughtful design, meticulous construction, high-quality technology solutions and seamless installation resulted in a truly customised cinematic haven that reflects the client’s unique preferences and lifestyle and surpassed their expectations. 

The client was particularly enthralled by how we seamlessly integrated every element, creating a cinema experience that not only met their desires but elevated the space to a level of sophistication and luxury beyond their imagination.

Before installation
Final result

DbM Kit list

3 x Meridian DSP640.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers

8 x Meridian DSP320.2 Digital Active In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

2 x Meridian DSW600 In-Wall Subwoofer

3 x Meridian RF500 Backboxes

8 x Meridian RF300 Backboxes

1 x Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller


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