Lumagen, a manufacturer of high-performance video processors,

is the latest company to be added to the growing portfolio of DbM

Appointed as a sub-distributor for the Radiance range of video processors, the deal allows DbM to meet the demand for integrators to have the ability to process dynamic mapping on HDR content in a more effective way than that which takes place within the projection system.

“We aim to offer the complete solution at DbM,” comments Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales at DbM. “We had seen the challenges that dynamic tone mapping presented in our own demonstration rooms, and using content metadata was unreliable, the frame-by-frame approach utilised by Lumagen is the perfect solution. Recognising that Lumagen has been in the business for 20+ years and is a renowned specialist of video processing and video calibration, we knew that they would be the right partner for us. We saw synergy between what we want to achieve for our integrators and what Lumagen offers.”

These processors use FPGA processing,

so they offer a hardware-based solution

This allows them to be fully programmed by the Lumagen team, meaning integrators have a more reliable and robust platform housed in a compact device with just a 1U form factor. Regardless of input resolution, the Lumagen processors offer a full suite of resolution enhancement and picture quality improvements, including aspect ratio detection and non-linear stretch.

Another massively useful feature (especially considering super low-latency projectors such as the Barco range) is the video delay option. This feature delays the video signal to the projector, enabling perfect lip-syncing (normally only the audio can be delayed in an audio processor). Small details like this really boost the immersion of a system and draw the viewer in.

Integrators purchasing the Radiance range of Lumagen products via DbM will have access to a full calibration service, which will see the Lumagen team visit site to calibrate the system.

“We are delighted to partner with DbM as the company puts performance and customer service at the forefront of its business model,” comments Gordon Fraser, Managing Director of Convergent AV.

“The brands it represents, such as Meridian and Barco, are world renowned for producing reference quality video and audio products. Lumagen has been at the top of the game for video processing solutions for the last 20 years, with the current Radiance Pro platform going from strength to strength as we continue to develop and enhance features and video accuracy. We look forward to working with DbM and its dealer network to create the best possible cinema rooms.”

Lumagen provides solutions for video switching, calibration, plus deinterlacing and scaling. Together these allow knowledgeable integrators and enthusiasts to provide the most accurate video images of the highest quality for their home theatre installations.

Whether you're looking to scale BluRay for a new 4K UltraHD display, to elevate your experience with studio-quality colour calibration, or to simply want to watch a movie as the director intended, Lumagen video processors will open your eyes. With numerous advanced controls, including Lumagen's No-Ring scaling, geometry control and 4913-point CMS, your home theatre can reach its full potential.