DbM and New Land Group have once again partnered to deliver the best audio experience for a modern sanctuary in Historic Oxfordshire. Using a selection of products from Meridian, the integrator has elevated the living experience and enhanced the home’s aesthetic appeal.


New Land Group was contracted to work alongside Donovan Construction, De-Draft Architects and Katie Groves Interior Designer on this stunning new build property in Oxfordshire. The vision was to create a dwelling that is functional for the occupants, while also showcasing sustainable and innovative technology and design. Having worked with the client previously on a home refit, New Land Group was familiar with their likes and dislikes and set about providing the entertainment spaces with performance-led audio systems.

As an avid DbM customer, New Land Group knew that the distributor would have the right products to meet the client’s request for state-of-the-art technology. By working closely with the DbM team, and utilising the complimentary Design & Specification Service, it became clear that products from the Meridian portfolio would tick all the boxes.

The basement was designed to provide a multi-functional entertainment hub. This area features a home cinema, dance studio, and nightclub.

The custom-built cinema showcases how Meridian loudspeakers can elevate a room by providing an unmatched audio experience. The space features five Reference Series DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers, and from the Performance Series range - six DSP320.2 in-ceiling loudspeakers and two DSW600 in-wall subwoofers.

As Meridian’s highest-performing architectural loudspeaker, the DSP750 loudspeakers produces a natural and lifelike sound with high fidelity and perfect tonal balance. Its high dynamic range, incredibly low distortion, and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio combine to provide full-range audio with exceptional headroom and low listener fatigue.

The media room includes bespoke wooden cabinetry, designed to work perfectly with the loudspeakers, installed in front of large windows that look out to the vast landscape. To provide audio alongside the TV screen, New Land Group installed a 3.2 audio set-up, using three DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers and two DSW600 in-wall subwoofers.  

The playroom is enhanced thanks to a simple, yet effective AV set-up that is perfectly suited for kids’ entertainment. Installed in one corner of the room and built into the wooden cabinetry beneath the TV is a DSP520.2 in-wall loudspeaker, which is used in mono mode to act as a soundbar. This is matched with a DSW.2 subwoofer in RAL 9004 Signal Black Matte custom finish.

The L+R mode of the DSP520.2 allows a single loudspeaker to be used on its own while still reproducing all the audio present in a stereo recording. Combining this with Meridian’s Image Elevation technology, which raises the perceived image location from an under-screen loudspeaker so that it appears to come from the centre of the screen, makes this the ideal soundbar solution.

The study is the setting for one DSP3200 bookshelf loudspeaker in RAL 9004 Signal Black Matte custom finish. This compact speaker provides the office space with a powerful performance well beyond what is expected for its size. It beautifully mirrors the curves of Meridian’s larger loudspeakers, therefore providing both audio performance and aesthetics.

Lastly, New Land Group has ensured that the kitchen also benefits from outstanding audio, providing the occupants with a system suitable for everyday use. The 8.2 system features eight Meridian DSP320.2 in-ceiling loudspeakers and two DSW600 in-wall subwoofers, making it the perfect environment for cooking with the family.  

“The result is a testament to the seamless fusion of luxury living and advanced home automation,” comments Luke Newland from New Land Group. “The technology has been woven into the fabric of the home with meticulous care, ensuring that every feature enhances the living experience without intruding on the space’s aesthetic or tranquillity. This new build is not just a house; it’s a beacon of how traditional elegance and cutting-edge innovation can blend to create a home that is as welcoming as it is alluring, as sustainable as it is sophisticated.”


Equipment List

3 x DSP520.2

1 x DSW.2 (Select Colour – RAL9004 MATTE)

1 x DSP3200 (Select Colour - RAL9004 MATTE)

8 x DSP750

14 x DSP320.2

6 x DSW600

3 x 271 Digital Theatre Controllers

4 x 218 Zone Controllers

1 x 218 Rack Shelf

3 x Distributor 1


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