Njord inherits a lot from the predecessor Wodan but the entire light source and part of the optical engine is completely redesigned and made smaller, more efficient and, most importantly, optimized for perfect cinematic colours. 

Njord has a pleasing calm uniform image, but it also has the power to overcome most ambient lit rooms and is designed for large screens or high ambient light environments; like outdoor entertainment spaces and contemporary glass home designs, all benefit from an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular colour fidelity for the most demanding clients.

Njord HDR

Njord is currently one of few projectors that offers HDR support without adding latency (input lag). The combination of supporting HDR and not adding latency is crucial for gaming. Combine that with support for 4K UHD@120hz and P3/DCI colour support and you have a perfect gaming projector.

Barco’s HDR is not only optimized for gaming, it is also perfect for all other HDR content such as movies, sports or TV shows Perhaps the best part of Barco’s HDR support is that due to how we approach the architecture of our video processing, we are able to keep upgrading our units throughout the course of their lifetime.  So regardless of whether you purchased a projector 2 years ago, or you will buy one today, we will continue to support (image) improvements in these units.

Njord colours

Njord supports DCI/P3 with a perfect D65 white point at an industry best in class 12000 RGB lumens Barco’s expertise in the cinema and post production markets makes it easy for Barco Residential to inherit  key features and further optimize them for our Residential products. For Njord we have done exactly that. Every projector is tuned and perfectly calibrated to DCI/P3 with a D65 white point at our factory, making sure the product is perfectly ready for all kinds of content.

Njord Contrast

Contrast has been misunderstood for many years. Made out to be all about black level contrast is actually about the difference  between how deep a black the projector can show and how bright a white it can show. This is often communicated as 50.000:1 or infinity:1. (As they are measured separately.)

Is this important if you can’t show them at the same time?

That is why Barco Residential performs all its measurements with ANSI contrast. The fact that you project white and black simultaneously on-screen means you take into account reflections and flare of the projector and the room. Light intended for the white parts of the image will find its way and fall onto the darker parts of the image where they will raise the light level and reduce the contrast ratio. This is what happens in real content. Inside the projector, light scatters in the optical elements and leaves the lens in places where it is not intended to. This is impacted by the (material) quality of the glass elements, fringe effect, light absorbers and coatings inside the projector, but also by the inherent light modulating technology used (DMD, LCD, LCOS …). In the end, ANSI contrast relates more to real images as it has white and black in the image at the same time during measurement. We have measured our DMD based projectors up to 30% higher than some LCOS based projectors.



Technology: 0.9" Three-Chip DMD™

Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 (5K UHD)

Light source: Laser phosphor

Light source lifetime: 20,000

Light output: up to 12,00 lumens in DCI/P3 mode

Contrast ratio: 2000:1 On/Off 
450:1 ANSI


TLD+ 0.43 : 1 Ultra short throw Fixed Lens
TLD+ 0.73 - 0.94 : 1 Ultra short throw Zoom Lens
TLD+ 0.92 - 1.33 : 1 Ultra short throw Zoom Lens
TLD+ 1,24 - 1.56 : 1 Wide Angle Lens
TLD+ 1.39 - 2.00 : 1 Wide Angle Lens
TLD+ 2.00 - 2.76 : 1 Standard Lens
TLD+ 2.73 - 4.43 : 1 Long Throw Lens
TLD+ 4.43 - 7.39 : 1 Extra Long Throw Lens
TLD+ 7.39 -10.80 :1 Very Long Throw Lens

Lens shift range:

Varies depending on lens.


HDMI 2.0, HDBaseT 1.4, DP 1.2, Quad SDI/HDSDI/dual HDSDI/Quad 3G HDSDI/BarcoLink

Control drivers: Control4, Crestron, RTI and Savant

3D: active eyewear (optional), passive Infitec (optional), passive circular (optional), triple flash up to 200Hz



TCP/IP, RS232, RJ45

Power requirements: 100 - 130V /200 - 240V / 50 -60Hz

Power consumption: TBD

Noise level (typical at 25°C/77°F): 49 dB(A) / 46dB (A) (Normal)

Operating temperature: 0 to 40 °C (sea level)

Operational humidity: 0 to 80% (relative humidity)

BTU per hour: TBD

Installation: Free rotation 360 Degrees


(WxLxH) 540 x 725 x 3555 mm (excluding lens)
28.54 x 21.26 x 14 in. (Inc Feet/ excluding lens)

Weight: 48kg / 105lbs (excluding lens)

Shipping Dimensions:

850 x 665 x 613 mm (excluding lens - packaged separately)
33.46 x 26.18 x 24.13 in. (excluding lens - packaged separately)

Storage temperature: 0 to 40 °C

Warranty: Limited 3 years parts and labor
Extendable up to 5 years

* Firmware upgradable
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Barco Residential brings the pinnacle of image and sound technology to the high-end home environment. Together with our partners, we create unique experiences to be shared with loved ones in the world’s most exquisite homes and yachts. The state-of-the-art Barco Residential projectors are developed, manufactured, and treasured in our design centers in Belgium and Norway. They’re designed from the ground up with one goal in mind – to show the best possible images in any setting.
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