Motorised Mirror Drop

Motorised Mirror Drop

DT Motorised Mirror Drop is an in-ceiling projector mount featuring dual high-performance optical mirrors, custom projector interface, and flexible alignment adjustment. It is intended for applications where it is aesthetically advantageous to hide the projector in the ceiling – only dropping the compact mirror system when the projector is in use.

The custom projector interface is a result of the in-house fabrication capabilities of DT Mounts and enables the projector to be fixed directly to the MMD quickly, easily and accurately straight out of the box.

The two-part system allows the basic frame to be installed during the first fix of the project and if required, plastered in. The Mirror module contains all the lift mechanisms and controls and is simply fitted on location slots for final installation and commissioning.

Featuring DT Mounts Position Logic System (PLS), making it straightforward to set exact stops and closed positions for simple recall via contact closure of RS232.

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